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On Friday, 10/24, I wrote a check from tcf bank at Jewel's Foods on Ashland and Roosevelt. Unfortunately, the check was deposited on 10/28 and I overdraft. I went to tcf bank and deposited the money on 10/29 and found out the bank returned the check on 10/29 and was charged overdraft fee of $35.00. I accepted what went down and did what I had to do in order to keep my account opened. On Tuesday, November 18th, I checked on online to see about my account, which I check everday. I realized Jewels Foods sent my info to Certegy Pmt Recovery Services and the company did an electronic transaction of $25.00 on 11/11 and cashed the check on 11/17. When tcf sent the check bank, the check cleared on 11/5. Now since Certegy Pmt Recovery cash the $25.00, I am in overdraft once again. Is there anyone I could talk to about this matter.

Thank you

Diane Underwood




Ms Underwood,

TCF bank is probably one of the worst banks.I had so many propblems with them.

They deposited my paycheck into another persons account, withdrew money from my account to pay for transactions on another persons account.

Their customer service sucks ....if i were you go to a different bank.Good luck


Why are you complaining about a problem you caused by not having the funds to cover the check you wrote? The only person at fault here is you, did you want to call and speak to yourself regarding it?

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